'I keep meaning to contact you to say how well I've felt mentally since seeing you .(After the hypnotherapy), I've been much more positive about myself and more able and confident in my work'


'Thank you for a wonderful massage - it was truly so very good and relaxing - slept deep too!!!'


' Bernie has a wonerfully soothing voice and I just melted into it - the chair, the room , the temperature, were all conducive to relaxing. I felt more relaxed than I have done in ages. This was a warm, tender and melifluous experience. Bernie took more good photos of me than I have accumulated in the past twenty years! I felt afterwards as though I had woken up from a really good and nourishing sleep.'


'I have always found that positive physical touch is very important to my sense of well being. By allowing you into my personal space, your calming presence and relaxing manner of the treatment allowed me to drift with the sense of the reassuring physical contact that gave me - and to then focus on sensing the positive connection that created between us instead of worrying about how to behave in front of the camera. By trusting you enough to have a hands- on treatment, I could then let go of worrying about being in front of the camera and start enjoying letting you see me and engaging with you right through the lens'.


' I was quite apprehensive before coming because I'm not sure that holistic therapies actually work. Now I feel very relaxed, positive...like my brain has been cleansed ... I didn't feel great before I came. I felt emotionally toxic. Now I feel changed, relaxed and positive.'


' I feel as though I have had a holiday!' 


'Something magical happened - you gave me a boost of confidence!'


'That hypno was wonderful - can't remember if I thanked you for it - felt lighter for days afterwards!'